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We’ve all been there before, “Shopping til you drop”, but the only thing that actually drops is your bank account. Believe it or not you can still be chic without breaking the bank. You don’t have to buy high end designer brands to look trendy. There’s so many brands out there that are just as trendy, classy, and are made of quality materials just like these expensive name brands.


This is what Florals and Stripes Boutique prides itself with providing to women shopping on a budget. Here’s some tips and tricks below on how to look chic and shop on a budget to save money:



It’s always a great deal when you get coupons, able to plan for upcoming sales, or use secret coupon codes. Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter.


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  • How to Dress


  1. Dress in Black

You can never wear too much black! It’s the perfect neutral color and can be an essential item in your wardrobe. Here’s some items that we recommend

Urban Jessie Dress

Athena Lace Blouse


  1. Throw on a Blazer

The versatility of a blazer can pull off any look from casual to sophisticated chic. It looks super cute with a shirt and jeans, paired with a sweater and shirt for a layered look, or even layered on a dress or skirt. Here’s some looks and our striped blazer.

  1. Accessorize

To complete any look and be chic one must accessorize. We recommend a clutch or handbag, a pair of shades, jewelry, and a trendy lip color.

  • Apr 23, 2019
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